Dynamic Software Development Limited - Dynamic POS System Pharmacal Industry


Dynamic POS System is suitable for the pharmaceutical wholesale and retail industry, such as Pharmacy, Health Food, Drugs and etc.  System supports functions including Inventory Lot number function, Lot number costing, Lot effective date management features. It also provides related inventory functions such as product setting, barcode printing, Lot number management, inventory report analysis.

1) Product Category Classification

Products can be classified for different types of groups for managing,  searching, inventory and sales analysis conveniently.

2) Lot Product Management

Inventory Lot number can be used to manage the drug's production date, expiry date and independent batch costing management.

3) Medicine Information
System provides medicine fields for recording information such as HK registration number, drug information, the type of drugs and so on.

4) Support Printing Poison Form
In the case of selling medicines to pharmacy, system will print the poison form together with the sales invoice to the pharmacy if certain type of drugs included.  The poison form will be printed and deliver to the pharmacist.

5) Support Printing DiaGou Invoice
Support printing special DiaGou invoices to customers for proofing the purchase of goods.