Dynamic Software Development Limited - Dynamic POS System Food Industry


Dynamic POS System is suitable for the food wholesales and retail industry which selling dry seafood, frozen meat, baby milk powder, pet food and etc. System supports functions including Inventory lot number function, lot number costing and food effective date management features. Dynamic provides related inventory functions such as product setting, barcode printing, inventory management, lot number management, stock count and report analysis.

1) Product Category Classification

Food products can be classified for different types of groups for managing,  searching, inventory and sales analysis conveniently.

2) Food Lot Number Management

Inventory Lot number can be used to manage food production dates, food expiry date, and inventory batch cost management. 

3) Food Dual-unit Management
Single Product is using two difference measure units to manage the inventory stock and sales. For example: the goods are purchased at the unit of carton and sold at calculated weight unit of "Jin". 

4) Supporting Food Barcode
It is suitable for retail food such as frozen meat, dry seafood that using the electronic scale to measure the weight. The food barocde is printed by the electronic scale. Dynamic POS System can get the weight by scanning the barcode and auto calculate the selling price for the customers.

5) Supporting Electronic Scale
Dynamic POS System can operate with electronic scale to get the product weight directly. The price of product auto retrieve from system and system calculates the final amount for customers. It is very convenient for the weighted product.